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Providing Autonomy

Learning daily skills that assist in developing independence and assist in care result in increased autonomy for all.  You aren’t alone.  We can help.

Providing care to an individual with intellectual disabilities can be difficult. However, it can also be extremely rewarding! We would love ability to provide a partnership in support for your loved one that leads to happier, healthier, and positive experiences for both of you. Your trust is something we treasure and sincerely hope you take advantage of having support.​
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Personal Improvement and care
Some individuals need services in a more intimate environment- either because of comfort or skilled care needs. We offer a full spectrum of support.
Group and Communal Services

Our care may be used in settings where the affected individual lives or thrives in a communal environment.

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Champions -
Transitional Services
We recognize that even small changes may result in a stressful situation for both caregivers and persons with intellectual disabilities. Please let us help you navigate through those changes, and ensure a smooth transition for your loved one.

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Please take a look at the services we provide. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!